Payswiftly | Instant global payouts

Instant global payouts.

Pay anyone across the globe with ease.  Pay with cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies or precious metals, all supported by Uphold!  Track and make payments all from one simple dashboard.

The PaySwiftly Advantage


Instant Payments

Pay anyone, anywhere in the world with an email address or mobile number. Recipients sign up for an Uphold account to receive their funds. Supports popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and fiat currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, RMB, etc.

Bulk Business Payments

Support for bulk payments and ability to add payees from uploaded csv files generated from other popular accounting software.  Recurring bulks payments are supported on an automated basis.

Track & Monitor Payments

Track all your payments in one place with an easy to use dashboard. Add clients and other relevant information and see total invoiced amount for them in case of recurring invoices.

Payments made simple

Single pane Dashboard to make and receive payments across the globe.  

Track Payments

Track and keep historical receipts of payments made. Improve productivity by making bulk recurring payments.

What Our Customers Say

JP Thieriot

PaySwiftly solves a real world business use case with an easy to use single pane dashboard.  PaySwiftly integrates with Uphold for payments.

Robin 'O' Connell

PaySwiftly team is well known in the fintech world and has executed on the Uphold platform at  a  breakneck pace!

Simon McLouglin

PaySwiftly is an incredible product that bridges the gap between traditional and new age payment mechanisms. Great product!

An Uphold Payment App

PaySwiftly is an digital payments app built on the Uphold payments platform.

PaySwiftly Support

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